“In the eyes of Storm”, clear, yet insufficient response

16 Feb 2010 - 13:57

The translator of the “In the Eyes of Storm” says “The ex-CIA chief has written this book to refute his numerous accusations.

IBNA: Ali Akbar Abdolrashidi told IBNA that the original title of this book has been “At the Center of Storm”, but since its main focus of the word ‘center’ has been on the eyes - as shown on the cover page - I have translated it as ‘In the Eyes of Storm”. 

Referring to the life and work memories of George Tent - ex-CIA chief in America, he said “Tent has been working in the CIA for nine years as the head and assistant. Moreover, he has been a professional spy and agent of this system throughout his lifetime.” 

Abdolrashidi also emphasized upon the fact that Tent’s period of presidency in CIA was the most critical period in this organization. “Three significant events have happened during his long activity at CIA: the Twin-Towers invasion, Invasion to Iraq and to Afghanistan”. 

“Tent had to resign by the end of his ninth year period in CIA. The first characteristic of his period, was activities toward appointing two governments of liberals and then the democrats”. 

Stating that “Tent in accused of providing wrong data to Americans on the issue of invasion to Iraq”, he explained “This book is written to refute these accusations. In this book, Tent claims that the accusations are on him, rather on George Busch who planned for Iraq Invasion at his White House and Busch is in charge of that invasion”. 

Tent considers himself as one the victims of invasion to Iraq; “the main characteristic of this book is providing significant and secret information about recent incidents in America during his years of presidency in CIA. These information have never been reflected in the media and mentions to them are scarce”. 

Illuminating on some of these secret information, the writer of the book says “the foundation of Guantanamo Jail, torturing and arresting people in Pakistan and Iraq, spy networks in Iraq and Saddam army, advertisement wars in Afghanistan, secret meetings of Americans with Taliban and Alqaida leaders and appointing Hamed Karzay are some of these information.”
Referring to the fact that ten years of political unrest in the world are traced in this book, he insisted “dome of this work deals with the Iraq-Israel peace and recurring meetings with Yasser Arafat. Also, the connections of Israel-America, Yasser Arafat’s agents and ways of satisfying their agents to make agreements with each other are explained in this book.” 

Abdolrashidi regards one of the most interesting parts of the book as the connections of CIA with other organs of White House and Defense Ministry and remarks, “the explanations on different sections of CIA, making spy cameras and spy audit are very important”. 

According to Abdolrashidi, the main writer and editor of the book is Bill Harlow, CIA PR manager during the presidency of George Tenet; “Harlow was the only person influential on all these events. He couldn’t write about many events due to their being top secret”. 

The translator of “In the Eyes of Storm” adds “reading this book is recommended to all people in the field of politics, media, advertisement management, political studies and law students, as well as men of government”. 

He further said that “At the Center of Storm” was first published in 2007 and now is available in Persian language; “the delay in publishing the book is Persian was due to the editor’s changing different parts of the book, which after editorial changes, it is now published by Soroush Publications”. 

Abdolrashidi regards one of defects of the book to be insufficiency of the presented information. “The writer claims that no lie is given in the book but the truth is partially given”. The translation of the book was very difficult due to much information on institutes and places for which I have used internet and encyclopedias”.

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