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"The secrets of infatuation" the biography and academic standing of an Iranian architect

11 Feb 2010 - 14:04

In the unveiling ceremony of "The secrets of infatuation", Dr Iraj Etesam, veteran Iranian architect said: This book which is about my life and works is a compilation of Bahareh Vahabzadeh's interviews with me.

IBNA: He addad: I should thank her for her patience and her enthusiasm. The structure of the book was her idea. She had topics in her mind and based her questions on those topics. The questions were mostly about architecture, urbanism and also the poetry and philosophy of architecture. She also interviewed my sister, Paridokht Shamsfard, to learn about my childhood. What my sister had told her was also very interesting for me.

The writer of "Contemporary architecture" reiterated: This book is about my personal as well as my academic life. It covers all my academic activities some of which were in Iran and some in other countries. I should also thank Esmaeel Janati for editing and publishing this book.

He added: I had several English and Persian papers that had not been published and which are published in this book. Explaining my academic research in Iran and abroad are also a part of this book.

Etesam said: "The architect\'s night" is active thanks to Mirmiran architectural organization and the help of the architectural luminaries\' society. Its young members have been very active and we want to introduce the different periods of modern Iranian architecture.

The next speaker was Esmaeel Janati the publisher of the book. He said: Dr Etesam is a great artist and a prominent architect whose works are known through out the world.

He added: The book lists Dr Etesam\'s works and the questions asked greatly help understanding his views on architecture.

Janati said: 64 pages of the book are in English. And some of the pictures in the book are very old. The cover of the book is designed by Mr Haghighi. The book was originally 300 pages and we had 400 pages of photos, after much research and consultation the book was compiled and designed as you see it now.

At the end Dr Shaheen Sehhat played some of the pieces he had composed with piano and a short film that was directed by "Arezoo Arzanesh" about the life of Dr Etesam was shown.