IRANOLOGÍA II Released in Spain

21 Jul 2009 - 16:27

Findings of mental endeavors of a number of mostly renowned Persian and Spanish Iranologists are compiled in the book Iranologia II, by the co-authorship of Drs Seyyed Ahmad Reza KHezri from Iran and Spanish Juan Martos Quesada.

IBNA: Publication of the book is done by the Islamic Cultural Relations Organization in Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 

This is the second volume of Iranologia which is published to introduce the status of Iran in human history, culture and civilization, said Iran's cultural attaché in Spain. 

The book is comprised of 19 articles which assess Iranians breakthroughs in fields like philosophy, history, politics, literature and mysticism. So far as some of these articles address Iran and Spain's common points, the book can be used as an invaluable resource for adaptive studies concerning the two countries. 

As many Iranologists in Spain have unanimously agreed, the publication of the two books can be seen as a means to establishing a coterie of Spanish Iranologists and help them concentrate their widespread studies on a common point. Moreover, the books can be adopted by researchers and university students interested in Persian culture and history. 

The articles in the book are presented in three parts: Philosophy and Religion, History and Politics, and Literature and Mysticism.

A part of the preface written by Dr Khezri on the book reads as follows: "A year has passed since the publication of Iranology-I and we are glad to see its wide welcome by Spanish community and that it is being employed as a resource book for researchers on Iran. On the other hand, the Iranian scientific community has welcomed the book by granting it the Book of the Year of Iran Award which gave us impetus to keep on work to publish Iranology-II. We negotiated with many Spanish and Iranian thinkers and placed our findings in the volume…" 

"… Undoubtedly, Iranology is deemed as an academic science and is being taught in many of the most renowned universities of the world. As an example, there is plenty of energy being spent in the countries of the world to study Iran's impact on the political, historical and scientific status of the present world. This is indicative of the fact that Iran-based studies do not merely focus on Iran as an oil-rich piece of land, but a place for creativity and innovativeness, consequently, attracting countless eager learners of Persian language and literature from all over the worked to seek its culture…" 

"…Of the characteristics of civilized and cultured people is that they share their scientific as well as cultural developments with other nations. Iranians are among those people who have always been like this throughout history."

Also, Dr Juan Martos Quesada, chairman of the Islam and Arab Department in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, wrote in his preface to the book as follows: "the first congress on Iranology was held in 2004 which was greatly welcomed by people of Spain. This welcome indicates the interest to know more about Iran and the Persian language and literature in Spain. Consequently, it was decided that the congress be continued in the form of research gatherings which led to the publication of the first Iranology book in 2008."

He maintained that Iranology will soon be recognized as one of the academic fields in Spain with the large number of researchers interested to know about the country's history and culture.

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