A proof to Majlis Library's rich treasure:

Vandidad's manuscript

Publish Date : Tuesday 30 June 2009 - 13:42
Visiting Majlis Library, Zoroastrian Iranian representative in Iran's Parliament (Majlis), Esfandyar Ekhtiyari said:" The Majlis Library is equipped with manuscript books that are related to various cultures and customs, one of them is Vandidad's manuscript.
A view of the meeting
A view of the meeting
IBNA: 28th June marks the birthday of the Majlis Library's founder, Keikhosrow Shahrokh. In line with introducing librarian and the library's techniques since few years ago the Library is hosting Zoroastrian coreligionists on the occasion and they honor the day in this way.

Visiting the Library on Sunday, Dr. Esfandyar Ekhtiyari said:" Zoroastrian's educational endowments are myriad, if associations and Zoroastrian libraries tend, I like to make a request from the head of the Library to use their facilities and experiences.

The head of the Library, Dr. Rasoul Ja'farian welcomed the plan warmly as well.

The head of Yeganegi's library, Noushin Faramarzin said:" I am concerned about some of the manuscripts and Yeganegi library's old publications so I demand scanning the old library versions from the head of the Library."

As Farmarzian reported, the trainee of repairing manuscripts, Farnaz Yektaee far, whom previously was learning and repairing old and damaged books in the Majlis Library, has repaired many of the Yeganegi Library's books with her colleagues.

Moreover the Zoroastrian visitors visited the library's sections alongside Ehsan Shorrollahi, the library's PR manger.

"Scan" is one of the library's section, the system and employees work to digitalize the present 24,000 manuscript's books.

The electronic versions can be easily handed over to the visitors and they can even be sent to researchers overseas.

The manuscripts section was another part that was visited. The section was house to books dated back to the 11th century. Some of Vandidad's manuscripts are available as well. The head of the manuscripts section was not satisfied form some Iranians looks towards the old books. He said that many keep them as an antique and don't realize their spiritual value. 

"Repairing books" has allocated another section as well; in this part repairing damaged books is considered. Employing special papers and coloring them till writing a part of the vanished parts are the procedures towards repairing old books.

Visiting Library no. 2 that is related to Iranology books was counted a main part for visiting. The building certainly is enough to attract the visitors.

The section accommodates whatsoever related to Iran as its history, culture, civilization and etc…

The visit ended with watching Keikhosrow Shahrokh statue, the statue is located in the entrance of the library.

Keikhosrow Shahrokh was born 1864 in Kerman; he traveled to India after his education in Kerman. In 1905 he returned to Tehran and in 1909 he was selected as the representative of Zoroastrians in the Majlis. In the same year he was appointed as the head of Tehran's Zoroastrian association. He passed away in 1930.

He invented the Majlis Library when he was the representative in the second round of the Majlis.
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