Iran and India are like two brothers who live separately

Hafezian's "Preserved Brede" considered Novel and Prodigious from Elite's Point of View

Publish Date : Tuesday 12 May 2009 - 16:32
According to the House of Literati news agency, Firouzeh Hafezian reviewed her father's life in Allameh Hafezian's Memorial session.
IBNA: According to the House of Literati news agency, Firouzeh Hafezian reviewed her father's life in Allameh Hafezian's Memorial session; "Abolhassan Hafezian was a man who dedicated all his life to learning and spreading knowledge and wisdom. He was born in the holy city of Mashhad in 1933 and was a pupil of deceased Nokhoodaki; Mousa Zar-Abadi and Mojtaba Qazvini were other teachers who influenced my father."

She mentioned the miracle of his cure from a disease early in his life as one of significant events in his life – the very disease for whose cure my father had travelled to India and stayed there and in Pakistan for about half a century.

Hafezian further said, "then his character was so well received by people in India and Pakistan that his photo could be found in every bookstore. He insensibly propagated Islam in India and also built a mosque in Kashmir which is ruined now.

Hafezian who is now professor at Tarbiat Modarres University referred to her father's book and said that "his Preserved Brede is among the most novel and prodigious works written so far and is just beneficial for the elite since Hafezian has written Quran and the Names of the Divine in a coded numeric language; Jannat-ol-Asma ( or The Names Paradise) is his other book written on the character of Imam Ali.

Ghamar Ghaffar, chairman of Dehli University's Persian Language and Literature who has previously attended several conferences and sessions of the same interest, remarked "Iran and India are like two brothers who live separately". "It was through Iran that Islam found its way to India," he said.

"There are two influential Iranians in India; the first was Seyed Ali Hamadani who converted almost 90% of Kashmeerians to Islam, the other being Abolhassan Hafezian who, did the same but indirectly and through his fine and super behavior."

"In my opinion," he continued, "Allameh Hafezian is not that known in Iran as he is in Kashmeer, and the government of Iran should take proper measures towards introducing his personality and make a special place for his memorial.

The last speech in this session was made by Hakimeh Dabiran, ex-chairman at Alzhra University. She stated, "Having read The Preserved Brede, I got to know his super personality and felt enthusiastic towards learning more of his knowledge."

She continued, "in a visit to Kashmeer and Delhi I realized the high status and popularity of him among those people; I think this was due to comprehensiveness of the principles his thought including good behavior, commitment and Islamic way of living, and other fine ethics in him.

Dabiran also said, "at the moment, there are numerous schools of though who claim to be divine and holly but all these are fake tradesmen and forget all about people whereas Allameh Hafezian paid the tax of his knowledge by spreading it among common people and paid attention to Quranic lessons throughout his teaching experience."

She finally said, "a scholar has written a book on the character of Hafezian which helped me know him much better. I would suggest writing more and more book and more programs on the introduction of his high personality.

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