Shortlist of 31st Book of the Year Award Released

Publish Date : Tuesday 4 February 2014 - 16:51
The shortlist of the works submitted to the secretariat of the 31st Book of the Year Award of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been released.
Shortlist of 31st Book of the Year Award Released
IBNA: According to the public relations office of the Book House Institute, the following works are selected by the panel of judges of the festival in the categories of literature, history, geography, environment and children.

A: History and Literary Criticism (Translation)

1. Place and Space in Modern Fiction, by Wesley A. Kort, translated by Farnaz Ganji and Mohammad Bagher Esmaeilpour
2. Narratives and Narrators : A Philosophy of Stories, by Gregory Currie, translated by Mohammad Shaba
3. Narratology : the Form and Functioning of Narrative, c1982, by Gerald Prince, translated by Mohammad Shaba

B: Old Texts

1. Nour Al-Oyoun, by Jorjani Yamani, translated by Yousef Beig Babapour
2. Taj Al-Ma’ather by Sadredin Hassan Nezami Neyshbouri, translated by Mehdi Famouri and Alireza Shad Aram

C: Contemporary Poetry
1. We Are Not Like That, by Mohammad Hussein Bahramian
2. The Astray Homeworks, by Abdolhussein Absari
3. The Galaxy of Faces, by Ali Mohammad Mo’adab
4. The Muslim Flower Seller, by Majid Sadabadi
5. The Photographer is Absent by Abdolreza Rezaeinia
6. Love Songs after the Wolf by Ali Salehi
7. A Saw can be Heard by Maryam Jafari Azarmani
8. Under the Sun Tree by M. Mo’ayed
9. More Violet than the Self with Silent Streets by Mohammad Reza Aslani
10. This Pen Writes Red by Alireza Shekarriz
11. The Sand Fin by Reza Shaichi
12. Fruits Taste Repetitive by Ahmad Reza Ahmadi

D: Literature from other Languages

1. The Death of Ivan Ilyich by ‎ Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoi, ‬translated by Hamid Reza Atash Barab
2. A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole, translated by Peyman Khaksar
3. Lady Oracle by Margaret Eleanor Atwood, translated by Soheil Sommi
4. Hyperion by Friedrich Holderlin, translated by Mahmoud Hadadi
5. Die Vermessung der Welt : Roman by Daniel Kehlmann, translated by Reza Choubineh
6. Suite Française by Irene Nemirovsky, translated by Mahasti Bahreini
No work in Arabic literature was selected.

A: Persian
1. Unheard Persian by Hassan Nadousheh and Gholamreza Khodabandehlou

B: Ancient Languages and Assessment of Accents 

1. Introduction to Sanskrit by Hassan Rezaei Baghbidi
2. The Treasury of Semnani Proverbs by Zabihollah Vaziri

C: Linguistics 

1. Philosophy of Language : A Contemporary Introduction by William G Lycan, translated by Kourosh Safavi
2. Persian Grammar by Omid Tabibzadeh
No work was selected in the Arabic section of the category.

History and Geography

A: Translation History

1. ‭Persian Historiography to the End of the Twelfth Century by Julie Scott, translated by Mohammad Dehghani
2. ‭Византия и иран на рубеже VI и VII веков Pigulevskaia(Iran and Byzantium) by Nina Viktorovna translated by Kambiz Mirbaha
3. Tanzimat : değişim sürecinde Osmanlı İmparatorluğu,2006 by Mehmet Seyitdanlioglu, translated by Rasoul Arabkhani


1. The world in 2050, c2010 by Laurence C Smith, translated by Mansour Omidi
2. Wildlife Study Design ‬‬by Michael L. Morrison, translated by Mansoureh Malekian
3. The Climate Crisis by Stefan Rahmstorf, released by Shahid Chamran University Press

Children and Teenagers 

A) Compilations

1. White Butterflies and Colorful Windows by Ali Asghar Seyyed Abadi
2. Seven Labors and a Bit by Ahmad Akbarpour
3. Double Traitor by Hamid Abazari
4. When Mozhi Vanished by Hamid Reza Shah Abadi
5. Safety Pin by Ali Ebrahim Kafouri
6. Caw by Afsaneh Shaban Nejhad
7. The Scatty Squirrel by Maryam Islami
8. A Bird with A Golden Beak by Abdulreza Samadi

B) Poetry 

1. Lucky River by Monire Hashemi
2. The Reddish-Brown Horse by Monire Hashemi
3. The Rod Crow by Gholamreza Baktash
4. Like the Morning of Khordad by Tahere Shahabi
5. Behind Autumn by Mahdi Mardani
6. Only God Realized by Ahmad Khodadoost

C) Science and Technology 

1. Sports Encyclopedia by Ehsan Katebi
2. An Encyclopedia for Beginners by a group of writers
3. The Atlas of Iran by Amir Salehi, Leila Habibzadeh
4. The Children's Atlas of World History by Simon Adams , translated by Marjan Negahi and Jamshid Norozi
5. The Kingfisher Children’s Atlas by Belinda Weber, translated by Masoud Javadian

D) Religion 

1. The Token of Ashura by Hamid Gerogan
2. The Story of the Prophets by Jafar Ebrahimi
3. Why God Would Do So? By Hamid reza Beidaghi
4. The Infallibles and Children by Abulfazl Hadimanesh
5. 12 Stories of Imam Ali(AS) and his Companions by Mojgan Sheikhi

E) Translated Stories

1. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin, translated by Parvin Alipour
2. The Bed and Breakfast Star by Jacqueline Wilson, translated by Shadi Khoshkar, Shima Kashi and Manzoume Kherad
3. The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud, translated by Mohammad Qesa
4. Count Karlstein by Philip Pullman, translated by Farzad Farbod
5. ‭Blart : the Boy who Didn't Want to Save the World by Dominic Barker, translated by Masoud Malek
6. How to Heal a Broken Wing by Bob Graham, translated by Bahman Rostam Abadi
7. ‭If You Were a Writer by Bruce Degen, translated by Maryam Razaghi

F) Arts and Humanities 

1. A Play for Today’s Teenager, The Star’s Immigration by Hadi Houri
2. A Play for Today’s Teenager, Whose Doll is This? by Davoud Kianian
3. Sports Encyclopedia by Ehsan Katebi
4. An Encyclopedia for Beginners by a group of writers
5. The Encyclopedia of Professions
6. The Collection of Iranian Civilization and Culture
7. The Collection of First Questions and Endless Answers
8. The Encyclopedia of Jobs by Ehsan Katebi
9. The Children's Atlas of World History by Simon Adams , translated by Marjan Negahi and Jamshid Norozi
10. The Kingfisher Children’s Atlas by Belinda Weber, translated by Masoud Javadian

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