Best Resistance Works Lauded

Publish Date : Monday 25 November 2013 - 15:20
The winners of the 2nd Martyr Avini Literary Award have been announced and lauded in Tehran.
Best Resistance Works Lauded
IBNA: Winners of the 2nd Biennial Festival of International Islamic Resistance Book of the Year Award (Martyr Avini Literary Award) were announced and honored in a ceremony held at Osveh Arts-Cultural Complex in Tehran, Iran.

The award considers works on Islamic resistance against arrogant powers of the world.

What follows is the list of the winners;

-Soft Threat; An Islamic Approach by Asghar Eftekhari, published by Research Center of Cultural and Social Studies

-The Elaboration of the Name (the biography of Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei) compiled by Hedayatollah Behboudi ad published by the Institute of Political Research and Studies

-Palestinian Children, translated by Fetemeh Baghestani and published by Revayate Fath

-The Islamic Awakening by Ali Alkbar Velayati, published by the Islamic Awakening World Assembly

-The Muslim Flower Seller by Majid Sadabadi, published by Salman Pak

-The Summer of Beholders by Abdolreza Rezaeinia, published by Fasl Panjom

-The Awakening of Words by Javad Mohaghegh, published by Revayate Fath

-Great Work by Mohammad Goudarzi Dehrizi, published by Ghou

-The Bird Breathes as it Sings by Mahmoud Pourvahab, published by Behnashr

-The Fifth Season: Silence by Mohammad Reza Bayrami, published by the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults

-The Development of Islamic Movements: From Seyyed Jamal’s Salafiyeh Movement to the Islamic Awakening by Hamid Ahmadi, published by Imam Sadegh University Press

-Islamism in Central Asia by the International Research and Studies Institute, published by Bustan Ketab

-The Art of Resistance II by Abbas Mirhashemi, published by Nashr Saghi

The following works also received special commendation during the ceremony:

-10th Presidential Elections in Iran and Color Revolution by Elaheh Khani Arani, published by Sahel Andisheh Tehran

-Contemplation over Dimensions of Islamophobia in Britain after 9/11 by Mohammad Mehdi Husseini Faeq, published by Imam Sadegh University Press

-The Foot that was Left Behind by Naser Husseinipour, published by Soureh Mehr

-Principles, Backgrounds and Geopolitical Aftermaths of the Islamic Awakening by Ali Eslami, published by Soureh Mehr

-The Sun in Hand by Abdol Rahim Saeidirad, published by Javan Andisheh Institute

-Imam Khomeini and the Dominance-Seeking Jewism by Mohammad Tabif, published by Supporters of Quds Liberation

-Expulsion of Palestinians by Farideh Mini Kesheh, published the Palestinian Study Center

-Visual Encyclopedia of Jewism and Zionism by Hamed Kaffash, published by Sayan

-Theories about the Universal Reflection of Iran’s Islamic Revolution by Ebrahim Zargar, published Imam Sadegh University Press

-Contemporary Islamic Movements by Shoja Ahmadvand, published by Ney Publications
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