Jalal Ale Ahmad Award Announces Longlist

Publish Date : Saturday 16 November 2013 - 16:14
This year’s longlist of the Jalal Ale Ahmad Literary Award, the most handsome award in Iran’s literary community, has been released.
Jalal Ale Ahmad Award Announces Longlist
IBNA: Secretariat of the award has released the following list.

1. Fiction:
-'The Ababil Song' by Majod Pourvali, published by Shahrestan Adab
-'Lend Me Your Skull, Brother!', by Morteza Karbaleilou, published by Asr Dastan
-'The Love Lock' by Maryam Basiri, published by Asr Dastan
-'In the Moqan Debris', by Darius Mehrjouei, published by Ghatreh
-'Rostam in the Quagmire of The Second Khan', by Hassan Asqari, published by Rozegar
-'The Shadow of the Dragon', by Mohammad Ali Godini, published by Asr Dastan
-'The Nouch Land' by Keyvan Arzaqi, published by Ofogh
-'The Night of Mousa’s Passion' by Mostafa Jamshidi, published by Rozegar
-'Qidar by Reza Amirkhani', published by Ofogh
-'The Dead of the Mouris Isle' by Farhad Keshvari, published by Zavesh
-'Nescafe with Straw and Mud Flavor' by M. Aram published by Amout
-'When the Heart' by Mohammad Hassan Shahsavari published by Shahrestan Adab

2. Literary Criticism: 

-'The Empire of Myths and Western Picture' by Majid Adibzadeh, published by Phoenix
-'Current Studies on Contemporary Poetry' by Yusof Ali Abbas Abad, published by Sokhan
-'The Outlook of the Contemporary Poetry' in Iran by Mehdi Zarghani, published by Thaleth
-'The Resurrection of Words' by Mohammad Reza Shafiei Kadkani, published by Sokhan
-'Narrations on Mathnavi Tales' by Samira Bamshaki, published by Hermes
-'Theories, Perspectives and Methods in Styles' by Mahmoud Fotouhi, published by Sokhan
-'A Research on Sociology of Literature' by Farhang Ershad, published by Agah
-'Literature Hermeneutics' by Ezatollah SepahVand, published by Elm

3. Historiography: 

-'Ejtemaeyoun Amiyoun' by Sohrab Yazdani published by Ney
-'Islam in East of Africa' by Amir Bahram Arab Ahmadi, published by Islamic Culture and Thinking Research Center
-'Ismaeilian Aqakhani' by Mohsen Mousavi Garmaroudi published by Amir Kabir
-'Shabanyeh Intifada' by Safaoding Tabraeian, published by Islamic Revolution Document Center
-'Yazd Bazaar' by Hassan Habibi, published by Iranology Foundation
-'Analytic Assessment of Andarznameh Tradition in Iran’s Middle History' by Sina Forouzesh, published by Jahad Daneshgahi
-'Cultural History of Yazd' by Mohammad Reza Abouei, published by Afshar Donations
-'Hisotry of Cultural-Social Life of Izadi Kurds' by Othman Yousofi, published by History of Islam Research Center
-'Students’ Movement of the Global Confederation of Iranian Students', by Hamid Shokat, published by Namak
-'Iran-France Relations' by Vali Safari Hesari, published by Eqbal
Iranian Culture under Seljuks, by Zahra Rabani, published by Elmi-Farhangi Publications
-'Kufa: From Foundation to Ashura', by Nematollah Safari Foroushani, published by Mash’ar
-'Christian Evangelists in Iran', by Vida Hamraza, published by Islamic Culture and Thinking Research Center
-'Karkh Neighborhood' by Mohammad Ghasem Ahmadi, published Imam Khomeini Research Institute

4. Documentary:
-'History of Modern Iranian Thinking' by Faramarz Motamed Dezfouli, published by Shirazeh
-'Memories of Malek Mansour Qashqaei', by Kaveh Bayat and Mansour Nasiri Tayyebi, published by Namak
-'Imam’s Tiny Soldier' by Fatemeh Doust Kami, published by Payam Azadeghan
-'Accounts from Bagher Kazemi’s Life' by Davoud Kazemi and Mansoureh Ettehadiyeh, published by Iran History
-'The Tariq al Qods Battle' by Amir Razagh Zadeh, published by Sacred Defense Research and Document Center
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