Travelogue of Coughs unveiled

Publish Date : Tuesday 14 May 2013 - 16:20
A ceremony was held on Tuesday, May 14, 2013, to unveil Hamid Hesam’s Travelogue of Coughs at the Peace Museum in Tehran.
Travelogue of Coughs unveiled
IBNA: The ceremony was held in the presence of the writer, Colonel Hassan Rasouli, literature and publications deputy of the Foundation for Preservation and Publication of Sacred Defense Works, Shahriyar Khateri, caretaker of the international relations office of the Peace Museum, and Kunuko Yamamura, Hesam’s translator in his last year’s journey to Hiroshima.

During the ceremony, all the participants stressed the need for translation of the Travelogue into various languages of the world.

In his address, Shahriyar Khateri lauded the work as a magnificent one, stating that the book signifies the frail Iran-Japan cooperations regarding chemical weapons.

As he said, a lot needs to be done to highlight the dangers of chemical weapons and raise awareness about Iraq’s chemical warfare against Iran during the Iraq-imposed war on Iran.

A chemically injured Sacred Defense veteran, Hesam narrates the life of a chemically injured veteran from different angles in a fluid and sweet tone in his book. While reading the book, one can hear the sound of the writer’s coughs!, argued Khateri.

Elsewhere in the ceremony, Ali Jalali, Hesam’s comrade in his trip to Japan, delivered a speech in which he stated that one of the difficulties they had was that they had to even prove to their compatriots in Iran that they had to fight with soldiers from various countries of the world during the Sacred Defense. “Today, the voice of Iran’s Sacred Defense has reached over 110 countries of the world,” he said.

“Well, I never imagined writing a travelogue prior to my visit from Japan, but two issues kept my mind obsessed: the radioactive fallout and its effect in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and Iraq’s chemical warfare against Iran during the Sacred Defense,” said Hesam in his address.
Kunuko Yamamura was another speaker of the gathering. In her address, she asserted that she is one of the very few who have gone through two major wars in their lives.

She posited that recording the memories of all those who contributed to Hesam’s trip could be a great help to bolstering Iran-Japan relations.

She further called on translation of the book into various languages of the world.

At the end of the ceremony, the book was unveiled by Mohammad Reza Taghipour, manager of the Peace Museum, Kunuko Yamamura and Hamid Hesam.
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