Iran to send copies of holy Quran to world

Publish Date : Tuesday 8 January 2013 - 14:25
Members of the Quran and Etrat Fraction of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis) met with the Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Mohammad Husseini, to confer upon Quranic issues and activities in the country. It was announced during the meeting that Iran is planning to send a million copies of the holy Quran to world countries.
Iran to send copies of holy Quran to world
IBNA: According to the public relations and international affairs department of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, the meeting was held late on Monday, January 7, 2013, in the presence of the Culture Minister Mohammad Husseini and Quranic deputy of the ministry Hujatoleslam Hamid Mohammadi.

In his statements, Mohammadi delivered a report on his department’s Quranic activities, and said that under the 10th government administration, the face to face Quranic educational program was pursued as it was underscored by the Supreme Leader.

He further mentioned the inauguration of the large number of Quranic schools under the Ahmadinejad administration, and added, “During the 9th administration 189 institutes and over 2,000 Quranic institutes under the 10th administration began to operate by permissions issued for them by the Culture Ministry which was unprecedented.”

He went on to announced the establishment of Quranic headquarters of the ministry in all provinces of the country with support from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in the near future.

He further asserted that over 20,000 Quranic teachers have been treated so far. “Right now, three boarding institutions are active in the country educating Quranic experts. We are resolute to treat 10 million memorizers of the holy Quran by the year 2025.”

Elsewhere in his address, Hamid Mohammadi stated that more than 30,000 Quranic centers will be launched by Iran by the end of the current year in Iranian calendar.

He posited that the holy Quran is the single link bonding all Moslems of the world. “Presently, a total of a million copies of the holy Quran will be published in the world and over a million people in the world will be provided access to Quranic education,” he further added.

Later in the meeting, Laleh Eftekhari, representative of the Quran and Etrat fraction of Majlis, thanked the measures undertaken by the Culture Ministry regarding dissemination of Quranic culture in the society, and stressed the necessity of institutionalizing Quranic activities and teachings in the ministry.
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