Translator of Talcott Parsons Sociology:

We should see science exterior to spatio-temporal frames

Publish Date : Wednesday 12 September 2012 - 10:31
Translator of ‘Talcott Parsons and Sociology’ said: “It is true that each society has its own problems, but science is a universal matter and basically any theory that is confined in a temporal or spatial situation, is not sicence at all. We should take science beyond spatiotemporal frames.”
We should see science exterior to spatio-temporal frames
IBNA: Abdolhossein Nikgohar said: “In fact this is the second edition of the book that is being released after so many years. I have written a 48-page introduction to the new edition that introduces the prioneers of the Pragmatic schools Parsons was inspired by, so that the students of sociology can get familiar with the roots of Parsons’s thought.”

He regarded the book as the easiest books of Parsons to understand and said: “Guy Roche author of this book has been a student of Parsons at the Harvard University and defended his PhD dissertation. He wrote this book during the 1970’s when Parsons was still alive.”

He added that Roche was born in 1924 and is known as the most authentic professors of sociology teachnig at Montreal.
Nikgohar also referred to the disappearance of the first draft of his translatino of this book during the revolution. “After twenty years I translated it again and it was published by Tebyan. It became the source of MA and PhD students and after a while after it sold out in the market I suggested the republication of the book to Nashre Ney.”

Emphasizing on the role of Parsons in sociology, he said: “he led the sociological trend in the United States and somehow promoted a European sociology in America. According to Parsons, sociology will get nowhere only with a practical approach, because science improves only through criticism and theory.”

He went on: “Although some decades passed from Parsons’s theories, they have survived and cited by many sociologists and professors showing the significance of Parsons's theories. Yet all theories undergo transformation and after him the Neo-Strusturalists attmepted to challenge all previous ideas. This is natural in all sciences as it is in then ature of science to be improved in the passage of time." 

Nikgohar then mentioned the importance of Parsons for Iranian society and said: "It is true that each society is involved in a series of problems of its own, yet scence is a universal matter and is supposed to is applicable in all times and places."

The Persian rendition of ‘Talcott Parsons et la sociologie américaine’ is released in 1000 copies and 317 pages by Nashre Ney.
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