World Prize for the Book of the Year names winners

Publish Date : Thursday 9 February 2012 - 22:35
Concurrent with the 29th edition of Iran's Book of the Year Award, the winners of the 19th World Prize for the Book of the Year of the Islamic Republic of Iran were announced in which 24 foreign books were picked up.
World Prize for the Book of the Year names winners
IBNA: The books of the 19th World Prize for the Book of the Year of the Islamic Republic of Iran were chosen in two sections including Islamic Studies and Iranian Studies. 

Islamic Studies:

1. Translation of the holy Quran into Chinese by Soleiman Ba-ji-su
2. Der Koran als text der Spätantike; Ein euroäischer Zugang by Angelika Neuwirth
3. The biography of Muhammad: Nature and authenticity by Gregor Schoeler
4. L’univers symbolique des arts Islamiques by Patrick Ringgenberg
5. Textiles of the Islamic World by John Gillow
6. Analyzing Muslim traditions: Studies in legal, exegetical and Maghazi hadith by Harald Motzki
7. Maslahah and the purpose of the law: Islamic discourse on legal change from the 4th/10th to 8th/ 14th century by Felicitas Opwis
8. Silver coinage of the Caliphs/ A. Shams Eshragh
9. The transformation of Muslim mystical thought in the Ottaman empire: The rise of the Halveti order by John J. Curry
10. “Now That Blessed Orphan” by Mohammad Reza Sarshar , translated into Arabic by Batul Meshkin-fam
11. Wisdom and nature according to Ibn Arabi by Ahmad Al-sadeghi
12. The elements of Islamic metaphysics by Mohammad Husayn Al-Tabatabai, translated by Toshio Kuroda

Iranian Studies

1. Aspects of the maritime Silk Road: from the Persian Gulf to the east China sea by Ralph Kauz
2. Lexicon of arms and armor from Iran: A study of symbols and the terminology by Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani
3. Die Bergwelt des Iran by Gratzl, Karl and Kostka
4. Translation of Ferdowsi’s Shahmaneh into Georgian by Bella Shalvashvoili
5. Comprehensive dictionary from Persian to English and Urdu by Seyyed Ali Reza Naghavi
6. Persian-Bosnian dictionary by Mubina Moker and Denita Haveric
7. Translation of Iranian folklores into Armenian by Geork Asatoorian
8. An account of Talysh people’s culture and history
9. Hafez and the religion of love in classic Persian poetry, edited by Leonard Leowson
10. Power, politics and religion in Timurid Iran by Beatrice Forbes Manz
11. Iranian elites and Turkish rulers: A history of Isfahan in the Saljuq period by David Durand-Guedy
12. Translation of the 4th book of Masnavi into Russian
Authors of 10 books visited Iran and attended the award’s closing ceremony.

Islamic Studies:

Soleiman Ba-ji-su from China
Gregor Schoeler from Switzerland
Patrick Ringgenberg from France 

Iranian Studies
Manouchehr Moshtagh Khorasani from Germany
Seyyed Ali Reza Naghavi from Pakistan
Mubina Moker from Bosnia
Geork Asatoorian from Armenia
David Durand-Guedy from Switzerland and translators of Masnavi from Russia
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