Laureates of Book of the Season Award named

Publish Date : Monday 10 October 2011 - 12:30
Iran's 17th Book of the Season Award released the list of its laureates and praiseworthy works. 'Paper in Iranian Life and Culture' by late Iraj Afshar, a posthumous book which was released in spring, was among the selected book.
Laureates of Book of the Season Award named

IBNA: 15 books were selected of which 14 were compilations and one was translation. Moreover 30 praiseworthy books were picked up of which 20 were compilations and one was a edited version.

Laureates of the 17th Book of the Season Award reads so:

1. Generalities
a) Generalities
- 'Paper in Iranian Life and Culture' by late Iraj Afshar, Tehran.
- List of the Arabic manuscripts of Foreign Affairs Ministry's specialized library compiled by Akram Masoudi, Tehran.

2. Philosophy
Islamic Philosophy
- Wisdom of illumination compiled by Seyyed Yadullah Yazdan-panah and researched by Mehdi Ali-pour, Qom, Tehran.

3. Religion
a) Jurisprudence
- Jurisprudence principles by Ayatollah Hussein Al-helli and researched by Seyyed Mohammad Bahr-aloloum, Qom.

b) Mysticism
- A collection of Islamic Kalam, philosophy and Mysticism articles compiled by Mohsen Jahangiri, Tehran.

c) Other religions
- Text comprehension by Seyyed Hamid Reza Hassani, Tehran.

4. Social science
a) Social science
- Convention: critical inquiries in Secularism foundations, compiled by a group of authors, Qom.

b) Environment
- The life of Hamoon by Zaman Shamohammadi and Saeedeh Maleki, Tehran.

5. Pure science
- Particles and the universe by Kyle Kirkland, translated by Akhtar Rajabi, Tehran.

6. Practical science
- Lectures of Auditory Evoked Response by Zahra Jafari, Mohsen Ahadi, Saeed Malayeri and Nima Reza Zadeh, Tehran.

7. Literature
Contemporary poetry
Two books were jointly chosen
-The Qibla towards you by Seyyed Hamid reza Borghe'e, Tehran
-Moon over the Majnun by Ali Asghar Beikordi, Tehran

History and literary criticism
- Shahnameh dictionary by Ali Ravaghi, Tehran.

Ancient texts
- Red Sagacity by Taghi Pour-namdarian, Tehran.

8. Children and young adults
- The encyclopedia of jobs by Ehsan Katebi, Tehran

Praiseworthy books

1. Philosophy a psychology
a) West philosophy

- Reality and meaning in contemporary analytic philosophy by Reza Beigpour, Tehran.

- Epistemology by Richard Fumerton, translated by Jalal Peikani, Tehran.

b) Psychology
-Pre-marriage education by Seyyed Mehdi Husseini, Tehran. 

2. Religion 

a) Quranic Sciences
- "A Research in Mohkam and Moteshabah", by Mohammad As'adi and Seyyed Mahmoud Tayyeb Husseini, Qom. 

b) Hadith
- Compiled: "Political Issues in Behar al-Anvar", vol. 1: Guardianship and government, Qom
- Edited: 'Ekhtiar Almesbah Alkabir…", penned by Majdeddin Ali bn. Hussain Helli, edited by Mahdi Daliri Golpaigani, Qom. 

c) Kalam
- "David Hume's Philosophy of Religion", by Mohammad Fath-ali Khani, Qom. 

d) Ethics
- "Islamic Ethics and the Application of the Law of Tolerance in Sunni Logic", by Mohammad-Taghi Eslami, Qom. 

3. Social Sciences 

a) Law
Joint winners for compilation:
- "Sequestration Law", by Hamid Dalir, Tehran: Mizan.
- "Philosophical Principles of Interpretation of Law", by Shahram Keyvanfar, Tehran: Sahami Aam Enteshar.
For translation:
- "A Comparative Survey of the Law of Islamic Punishment and Conventional Laws", by Abdolqader owda, trans. Hassan Farhoudinia, Tehran: Yadavaran.
- "International Environmental Law" by Nicholas Robinson, trans. Seyyed Mohammad-Mahdi Husseini, Tehran: Mizan. 

b) Statistics
- "Statistics and Probability in Engineering", compiled by Mohammadreza Meshkani, Tehran: Fatemi. 

c) Management
- "New Governmental Management", compiled by Hassan Danayi Fard and Mohsen Alizadeh Sani, Tehran: Ketab Mehrban Nashr. 

4. Pure Sciences 

a) Biology
- "Iranian Littoral Hard Corals in the Persian Gulf", by Abdolvahab Maghsoudlu, Tehran: Noorbakhsh. 

5. Practical Sciences 

a) Veterinary
- "Ranching Sheep and Goat", by Reza Valizadeh, Mashhad: Ferdowsi Mashhad University Press.

b) Computer Engineering
- "Digital Image Processing", penned by Rafael C. Gonzalez and Richard E. Woods, trans. Mojtaba Lotfizadeh, Saeed Mirghassemi and Amir-Masoud Amouei, Tehran: Niaz-e Danesh. 

c) Construction Engineering
- "Designing Steel Constructs", vol. 4, by Mojtaba Azhari and Seyyed Rasoul Mirghaderi, Isfahan: Arkan-e Danesh 

6. Arts 

a) Visual Arts
- " Islamic Patterns: an analytical and cosmological approach" by ‎ Keith Critchlow, trans. Seyyed Hassan Azarkar, Tehran: Hekmat. 

b) Dramatic Arts
- "The Art of Naqqali in Iran" compiled by Soheila Najm, Tehran: Farhangestan-e Honar. 

c) Architecture
- Compiled: "Modern Iran's Architecture Heritage" by Eskandar Mokhtari Taleghani, Tehran: Office of Cultural Research.
- Translated: "History of Western Architecture", by David Watkin, trans. Mohammad-Taghi Faramarzi, Tehran: Kavosh Pardaz. 

d) Physical Training
- "Exercise Physiology Laboratory Manual" by William Beam and Gene Adams, trans. Farhad Rahmani-nia, Abbas-ali Gaeeni, and Hussein Mojtahedi, Tehran: Asr-e Entezar. 

7. Literature 

"Recuentos para demian", penned by Jorge Bucay, translated by Reza Eskandari and Mona Mohammadpour, Tehran: Arasteh. 

8. History & Geography 

a) History
- "The History of the Conception of Freemasonry in Iran", compiled by Yahya Ariabakhsh, Tehran: Soureh Mehr. 

b) Geography
- "Rural geography : processes, responses, and experiences in rural restructuring" by Michael Woods, trans. Mohammadreza Rezvani and Samet Farhadi, Tehran: Tehran University Press. 

9. Children 

a) Contemporary poetry
- "No Tic-Tac Clock", Mehdi Moradi, Tehran: Amir Kabir, Shokufeh series. 

b) Compiled Fiction
- "Before Packing", by Minoo Karimzadeh, Tehran: IIDC. 

c) Religion
"The Prophet (AS) and His Stories", by Gholamreza Heidari Abhari, Qom: Nashr-e Jamal. 

d) Science & Technology 

- "Animals" series of Patricia Whitehouse, trans. Majid Amigh, Tehran: Ghadiani, Banafsheh series.

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