"Meet the vampires" in bookstores!

Publish Date : Monday 28 February 2011 - 14:54
"Meet the vampires", by Siamak Golshiri, is a novel for young adults which has been released by Ofogh.
"Meet the vampires" in bookstores!
IBNA: "Meet the vampires" is the 2nd volume of an Iranian novel collection named "Vampires". Siamak Golshiri has authored the books for young adults.

The book is a sequence of the 1st volume entitled "Tehran, the alley of ghosts" which is about the appearance of Dracula in Tehran.

"Tehran, the alley of ghosts" is about a teenage boy who enters a mysterious house which holds a horrific history. "A family used to live in the house. One night the father gets mad and slaughters his children and wife and then kills himself."

Now the teenager in "Meet the vampires" searches the house: "I saw the ghost's house; it was how the Dracula described it in "Tehran, the alley of ghosts…"

If you are a fan of horror stories and are curious in Tehran's Dracula you can read "Meet the vampires".

Ofogh publication has released the book.

Siamak Golshiri was born on 13 August 1968 in Isfahan. Golshiri started his literary activity in 1991. His first short story was published under the title of “Late In The Night” in Adineh Magazine in 1994 and then he published many short stories in various magazines, such as Adineh, Gardoon, Dowran, Karnameh, Zenderood, Zanan, Kelk and many articles in different papers, and finally in 1998, his first collection of stories was published under the title of “Of Love And Death”.
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