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Forgetting things according to Freud

Publish Date : Tuesday 22 February 2011 - 14:23
The Persian rendition of Sigmund Freud's "Forgetting Things" is released. In this book Freud claims that there is a conscious stream behind forgetting. He considered individual motifs and the rate of affectability of events at work in forgetting process.
Forgetting things according to Freud
IBNA: Hassan Akbarian Tabari, translator, said the book is apparently translated into Persian for the first time. "In this work, Freud studies forgetting in two categories; one is forgetting events and action, and the other is forgetting particular names." 

He continued: "It has happened a lot that we cannot remember memories of the past or particular names of individuals or organs. Freud makes use of these daily examples to explain his opinions regarding the reasons of forgetting things." 

According to Freud, one reason for forgetting things is the rate of their effects on different individuals. For instance, two persons may go on a trip together, but one might remember every details of it after a few years whereas the other does not remember its details. 

He added: "According to Freud, the one who has forgotten the details of his trip is not much affected by them, therefore he is forgetting them." 

Akbarian Tabari continued: "Freud considers the diminution of motivation as another reason for forgetting things. He then brings as example of a couple who remember every detail of their first dates but maybe after a while they forget about them. This is result of a diminution of motivation." 

According to the translator, Freud concludes that there is a conscious mental process behind forgetting things. 

The first issue of "Forgetting Things" is released by Tandis Publications.
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