Cultural deputy of the Ministry of Culture:

Year Book most significant cultural event

Publish Date : Tuesday 8 February 2011 - 19:26
The closing ceremony of 28th Book of the Year of Islamic Republic of Iran and 18th World Book of the Year Prize was held in Vahdat Hall of Tehran with the beginning speech of Bahman Dorri who regarded Book of The Year Prize as the most significant cultural event.
Year Book most significant cultural event
IBNA: The cultural deputy of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance mentioned that this prize is the greatest patron and support for the literati and that Book of the Year is a portrait of annual analyses and mental creativity of artists and the literati. 

Bahman Dorri added: "The Book of the Year can provide appropriate models for innovative creators obsessed with cultural elevation." 

According to him, this event is a public display of the country's scientific ability in the field of written culture. 

Dorri also referred to the specific features of this round of Book of the Year and continued: "Book of the Year should attempt to display the values of the Islamic Revolution that are all based upon national and religious identity and of course, we expect to have it accomplished soon." 

The ceremony was kept on with the speech of Gholam-Ali Haddad Adel, chairman of the cultural commission of Majlis and meanwhile supervisor of year book nominee, Encyclopedia of Islamic World, who further said: "Our researches show that there are 22 thousand reference books in Iranian book market." 

He continued: "It is necessary for a country to have reached a certain degree of scientific development before it can produce encyclopedias. Therefore, the countries' ability to produce encyclopedias could be a valid indicator for the assessment of their scientific qualities."
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