Orientalists misunderstood our philosophy

Publish Date : Saturday 29 January 2011 - 14:02
Nasrollah Hekmat, who has recently released his Metaphysics of Wonder, Farabi Curious Philosopher and Words on Ibn Arabi's Mysticism, has compared the ideas of these three philosophers beyond the orientalists' views and from a local perspective. This will totally change our understanding of these philosophers.
Orientalists misunderstood our philosophy
IBNA: Academic member of Shahid Beheshti University and author of these volumes said: "The book 'Metaphysics of Wonder' deals with Khayyam's philosophy of life."

Hekmat also has the two books of "Metaphysics of Avicenna" and "Life and Works of Abolhassan Ameri Neyshabouri" under publication by Elm publications that are written from the same perspective.

Hekmat considered the jointing point of all his books their methodology that is free from the canon of orientalists' viewpoint and from a more general perspective. He calls this research method as "Emergence-Awareness".

He added: "If we accept the ideas of orientalists we should admit that Iranian philosophers have nothing to say not in the present time but also in their own lifetime! According to them, Iranian philosophers have just repeated the Greek philosophy and therefore they should not be called philosophers, whereas this is not true."

Hekmat believes that a review of the ideas of preceding philosophers from a local perspective can transform our present ideas of them. He explained: "Wrong assumptions and interpretations of our philosophy by the orientalists makes any conscious individual belonging to the Iranian tradition to make more researches in this regard."

"Metaphysics of Wonder", "Farabi: Curious Philosopher" and "Words on Ibn Arabi's Mysticism" are published by Elm Publications.
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