"The puzzle of the fish canal" converted into English

Publish Date : Wednesday 1 December 2010 - 15:28
Sofia A. Koutlaki has translated a satire book by Iranian author Akbar Sahrai into English. Entitled "The puzzle of the fish canal" the book is released by Elmi-Farhangi publication.
"The puzzle of the fish canal" converted into English
IBNA: "The puzzle of the fish canal" has been authored for teenagers. As comedy and specific delicacies have been merged the book introduces some of the battlefields during Iraq's imposed war against Iran.

The English translation has been illustrated by Sam Soleimani. It has been published in 28 pages and 2000 copies by Elmi-Farhangi publication.

The story begins as an Iran-Iraq war veteran named Jalil visits a medical department for his ear ache.

Sofia A. Koutlaki is an independent researcher and writer, equally at home in Iran, Britain and Greece. She has made extensive study of how cultures function on a personal and practical level, and all her writing stems from this fascination.

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