Secretariat of Jalal-Al-Ahmad Prize announced:

Fiction nominees' shortlist revealed

Publish Date : Saturday 6 November 2010 - 13:13
The Secretariat of Jalal-Al-Ahmad Prize revealed the shortlisted nominees for the second round of fiction contest. In the current round, 13 works are introduced to the next evaluation stage. First winners in each field will be awarded a literary statuette plus 110 gold coins.
Fiction nominees
IBNA: The selected works for the next evaluation stage include: "Paitakht Hall" penned by Mohammad-Ali Godeini, "Sweet Chameleon" by Mohammadreza Kateb, "Silver Girl of Kabul Sea" by Homeira Ghaderi, "Day of the Hog" by Mohammad Ayubi, "The Agent" by Ali Moazeni, "Welcome to Hades" by Belghis Soleymani, "Immortal" by Sadegh Kamyar, "Dark Icons of Palaces" by Hoseein Sanapour, "Hurieh" by Morteza Fakhri, "Invitation to Metaphysics" by Touraj Zahedi, "Corrupted Book" by Abutorab Khosravi, "A Man Always Worried" by Mohammad Ayubi, and "Drinking Mist in Citrus Garden" by Morteza Karbalayilu.

Following the High Council of Cultural Revolution's endorsement in 2006, Jalal-Al-Ahmad Prize is annually awarded on the occasion of the birthday anniversary of this writer.

The goal of this prize is to elevate national religious language and literature by commemorating creators of fine, innovative and avant-garde works in line with the production of literary-artistic Islamist thought and reinforcement of critical tolerance among creative works.

This prize makes a survey of first issue books in the previous year.

The prize is given to works in the subcategories of "Long Story", "Short Story", "Literary criticism", "Documentaries" and "Historiography".

Last week, Majid Hamidzadeh was appointed as the new secretary of this prize by Bahman Dori, cultural deputy of the Ministry of culture and Islamic Guidance.

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