With Frank Gual, Allameh Tabtabayi University's invitee

Review of Catalan Literature at the House of Literati

Publish Date : Saturday 30 October 2010 - 17:38
The session 'Review of Catalan Literature' will be held this week at the House of Literati. Frank Gual, invitee professor from Spain will attend this session.
Review of Catalan Literature at the House of Literati
IBNA: Najmeh Shobeiri, professor of Spanish at Allameh Tabatabayi University, said: "Frank Gual is an Arts graduate from Spain and has taught Catalan literature at Moscow universities. Gual has also taught at Tehran and Allameh Tabatabayi universities for two years as invitee lecturer.

According to Shobeiri, this Spanish professor will lecture on geographical state, cultural background, art, history and characteristics of Catalan works.

Catalonia is an autonomous province at North-East of Spain with Barcelona as its capital; it is the greatest center for prominent Spanish publishers. The dominant language of people in this area is a branch of Roman in Indo-European languages.

This session will be held on Monday (November 1) at the House of Literati (located at no.2, Khajeh Nasir Alley, South Palestine St., Enghelab Ave.).

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