Alhoda published in Iran

Poetry collection of Tajik poetess

Publish Date : Wednesday 16 June 2010 - 16:10
The Tajik poetess Golrokhsar said her 22-volume poetry collection has been published in Iran by Alhoda publications.
Poetry collection of Tajik poetess
IBNA: Golrokhsar, who is a prominent Tajik poetess came visit Iran during the 23rd Tehran International Book Fair. She said Alhoda International Publications has published a collection of her works titled as Lonelier than Loneliness. 

She says the collection consists of 22 volumes containing her poetry works, novels, interviews, travelogues, pictures, translations, etc. 

This is not the first publication of her works in Iran. 

Besides poetry, Golrokhsar is an adept writer and has so far published a number of novels like Sakarat, the Green Spring Women, and Woman and War which have been translated onto eight languages. 

Mrs. Golrokhsar is mostly known for her sonnets and new style poetry pieces. Formerly, she served as a soviet MP. 

Her last work is named Azarakhsh which she composed in memory of two eminent Tajik poets- masters Layegh and Bazar. 

Golrokhsar Safi (born 1947) is a prominent Iranologist, Persian literary figure and Tajikistan's national poet.

Golrokhsar is known for her contribution to Iranistics, modern Persian poetry and Persian folk songs. She is highly regarded throughout Iranian cultural continent.
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