To be released in Persian

Improvisation for the Theater

Publish Date : Saturday 24 April 2010 - 13:09
The latest edition of the Improvisation for the Theater is to be rendered into Persian by Hussein Fadaei Hussein. In the new edition, exercises have been updated by Viola Spolin's son Sills.
Improvisation for the Theater
IBNA: The book was first published in 1999 by Sills. In the books, he updated as many as 200 of the book's exercises and added 30 others to them.

The first edition of the book was debuted in 1963, said the translator. This new edition of a highly acclaimed handbook, last published in 1983 and widely used by theater teachers and directors, is sure to be welcomed by members of the theater profession.

Spolin, who died in 1994, developed her improvisational techniques of using "game" exercises while teaching with the WPA Recreational Project in Chicago. Editor Sills, her son and founder of the Second City Theater, here updates over 200 classic exercises and adds 30 new ones.

The creative group work and games, which can be used with all levels and ages of performers, and workshop techniques that enhance performers' natural abilities and intuition, are all clearly explained.

Also included are useful definitions of theater terms and a glossary of side-coaching phrases. Libraries with older editions will want this excellent update. The book is highly recommended for all theater arts collections.

The book is arranged in 18 chapters and five parts. Fadaei Hussein said 60 percent of Iran's drama formation is indebted to the book.

He further added that the Persian rendition of the book is to be debuted by Namayesh at the 17th International Festival of Children's Drama.
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