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Unveiled in Georgia

Ferdowsi; Great Iranian Poet

2 Mar 2010 - 12:31

The book Ferdowsi; Great Iranian Poet was unveiled in a ceremony in Georgia in the presence of Iran's ambassador to the country, Pasha Moalem, the author, and a number of researchers and literary figures at the Imam Reza Seminary in Marneuli.

IBNA: The book contains a biography of Ferdowsi. In the ceremony Ehsan Khazaei, Iran's cultural attaché in Georgia delivered a speech in which he said the book was aimed at praising the research studies held by many researchers on Iranian poets. 

"Reading 60,000 verses of Shahnameh may not be possible for all," he said, "but learning about Iranian poets' lives is very useful and can give valuable information to the readers." 

"The life of Hafiz who was an Islamic evangelist helps us learn about him." 

He expressed hope that by the publication of such books grounds be set to develop cultural and literary interactions and communications between the two countries of Iran and Georgia. 

Also in the ceremony, the author of the book, Pasha Moalem, said Ferdowsi was very much interested in the 14 Infallibles (Ahlolbeit). 

He also thanked that Islamic Culture and Relations Organization for endorsing the publication of the book.