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"Al-Tafhim" and "Khamseh" registered in Iran Memory of the World

24 Feb 2010 - 14:22

The national committee of Memory of the World has chosen "Al-Tafhim" and "Khamseh" books in its 51st meeting to be registered in Iran memory of the World.

IBNA: According to the public relations of Iran national library and archive "Five treasures" or "Khamseh" includes five long narrative poems: "Makhzan-ol Asrar" (The secret storage), "Khosro and Shirin", "Leili and Majnoun", Haft Peikar and Eskandar Nameh (The book of Alexander). This book is written by renowned Persian poet of love and allegorical poems, "Nezami Ganjavi".

There are many version of "Khamseh" in the different libraries of the world, but five more prominent ones have been chosen for registration in Memory of the World.

These versions are important both in regard to their literary value and their historical agedness. They are kept in the central library of Tehran University, Malek Library and national museum, Iran national museum, Golestan palace libarary and Shahid Motahhari school library.

"Al-Tafhim" is the only work of Iranian scientist, Abureihan Mohammad Ibn Ahmad Biruni Khwarazmi, that is written in the Persian language. It is on astronomy and Khwarazmi wrote it as a self educatory book in question and answer style.
The oldest version of this book which was written down by Mohammad Ibn Jourabi, in 7th century is preserved in Iran national Library and Archive.