Modern rationalism in Iran

Publish Date : Sunday 29 November 2009 - 13:24
The book titled Rise of Rationalism in Modern Iran by Majid Adibzadeh sketches the grounds for the formation of different rational schools of thought in the modern Iran.
Modern rationalism in Iran
IBNA: As the authors said in an exclusive interview with IBNA, the book historically examines rationalism in Iran from the Qajar dynasty until the Pahlavi era. 

Adibzadeh believes that the book is the representation of a general theory about the formation of intellectual schools of thought in modern Iran. 

"The book gives a historical overview of rationalism and its roots and feedback in Iran," said Adibzadeh. 

Bureaucratic security in the form of ID cards, personal documents, properties was example of the rational uprisings in the era, said Adibzadeh. 

He also referred to theories by Max Weber, renowned German sociologist, on modern rationalization.
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