The philosophical aspect of Int'l ties

Publish Date : Saturday 14 November 2009 - 12:38
“Theory and meta-theory in international relations” a book penned by Fred Chrenoff has been rendered into Persian by Alireza Tayeb and it is published by Nashr-e Ney.
The philosophical aspect of Int
IBNA: The book is an introduction to new debates in International Relations. By beginning with crucial foreign policy dilemmas faced by the US, the book will lay out the competing ideas as clearly as possible and to show why it is important to understand both them and the general IR context of which they are a part. The book thus motivates examining rationalist, constructivist and post-modern foundational positions, and gives tools with which to analyze competing arguments.

This book is a rare attempt to practice what so often is preached in the study of International Relations. The study takes major debates in the philosophy of inquiry and abstract battles over theory and shows why they matter in the most practical of all contexts. Historically important examples of US decision-making are used to show how and why results could be improved if those in charge in the real world thought more deeply about the foundations of their choices in theory and even meta-theory.

The book is a fascinating ‘read’ because of the way in which the decision to invade Iraq, challenges from North Korea’s nuclear program and the rise of China as a world power are integrated into a sophisticated treatment of theoretical controversies in the field of International Relations. This book will interest academics in that discipline as well as those in the more applied world of foreign policy decision-making. I recommend the work with great enthusiasm."

Fred Chernoff is Harvey Picker Professor International Relations and Director of the International Relations Program at Colgate University, Hamilton, NY. He is author of The Power of International Theory (2005) and After Bipolarity (1995) and is contributor to many journals of international relations, political science and philosophy, including International Studies Quarterly, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Review of International Studies, Millennium and European Journal of International Relations. Professor Chernoff holds a Ph.D. degree in Political Science from Yale University and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from The Johns Hopkins University.
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