The memoir of the youngest Iranian Captive in Iraq to be compiled

4 Oct 2009 - 11:33

The oral memories of "Mehdi Tahanian", the youngest Iranian captured by the Iraqis during the Iran-Iraq war is to be penned down by "Golestan Jafarian". The book is to be published by Soureh Mehr publications.

IBNA: In a conversation with IBNa, Golestan Jafarian announced that she will soon pen down the memories of Mehdi Tahamian based on her interviews with him. She added: He was captured in 1982 at the age of 13.

She added: His young age was the result he paid attention to significant details. He went to the war with a sense of excitement and fear.

She added: One of the weird scenes he encounter was a hill made of Iraqi soldiers' bodies. He sees a white hill from afar and thinks it is a hill made of snow and when he gets near it he sees that it is a hill ob Iraqi soldiers' bodies covered with white worm.

One of his other memories is from the time they were camping in Karoon river bank: the camp was constantly under Iraqi fire and when they throw a bomb in the river the fish were thrown from the river to the roof of cars and trenches. One thing he did was to catch the fish and throw them back to the river.

Jafarian said: Since he had a tiny physique the Iraqis thought he was younger than his age and about 6, so they used him for propaganda against Iranians by saying that Iranians send kindergarten kids to the war. So they were kind to him at first but later when they saw his grown up mind tortured him like the other captives.

She added: Tahanian was a junior high student before he decided to go to the war. Right now I have tayped about 40 hours of interview with him. We are trying to recreate the atmosphere that the 13 year old Tahanian felt in the time.

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