“Sepidman” by Arian is coming

Publish Date : Thursday 23 July 2009 - 14:05
Arman Arian, a fantasy writer, has finished writing “Sepidman” and will publish it soon. This book is the story of Zoroaster’s life in a non-linear approach.
Arman Arian
Arman Arian
IBNA : Arian told IBNA:”The book has a new approach to the life of Zoroaster and has a narrative form.” 

He also announced publication of his new book for teens, named “Sepanta Minoo”, having historic issues is one of its features. 

He has finished writing the second and third volumes of the “ashuzed negaheh”. The second volume of the book is named “ashuzed negaheh; without a rival devils”. 

According to Arian “ashuzed negaheh” is an Iranian name which has come in Avesta and Pahlavi books. 

He added: “the story is continued more exciting in the second and third volumes”. 

He has used the possibility of making Iran mythical and fabulous characters fantasy in most of his works.

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