The Jalal award winning author on his newest work "Cosmos Mirrors":

Literary symbols are split from a luminous charter

Publish Date : Tuesday 30 June 2009 - 14:18
"Hosein Ali Ghobadi", the first Jalal award winner in literary criticism category, says "Cosmic Mirrors" is the continuation of "Mirror's Faith". He said that in Persian literature symbols exist in a single cosmos and are split from a luminous charter.
Hosein Ali Ghobadi
Hosein Ali Ghobadi
IBNA: "Cosmic Mirrors" was published last spring by Rira publications. Ghobadi believes that this book which is about the symbolic net of Shams sonnets, is a sequel to "Mirror's Faith". He said: "while working on Mirror's Faith I realized Iranian symbols are not merely single stars that decline. It was not possible to work on this matter in the previous book, so I was looking for a chance to sit and put down the findings in a separate book."

This university professor added: I also found out that symbols have affiliations with each other and have similar origins. Some of these origins turn into archetypes and are the source of some metaphors and also some myths.

He said: Symbols are like clusters or nets that are somehow related to each other.

Ghobadi explained: Believing in the nets of symbol I understood that the creative sonnets of Rumi reflect this fact. One may have to consider the sonnets as the reflecting points of the sharp and creative mind of a genius man.

This researcher stated: I believe there is no other literary work that is filled with more poetic impression than Rumi's sonnets. In my opinion this book is the most poetic book of all.

"Mirror's Faith: Analyzing the changes of symbolism in Iranian culture and Persian literature" was published last year. It was awarded the first Jalal Alahmad prize for Persian literary criticism book.
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