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Warsaw to host Int’l Conference of Hegel and Freedom

19 Jan 2020 - 14:43

IBNA- International Conference of Hegel and Freedom will be held at Institute of ‎Philosophy, University of Warsaw, Poland on June 23-26, 2020.‎ ‎ ‎

According to IBNA correspondent quoting from , although at first glance the topic of the conference might appeal mainly to those researchers who deal with Hegel's practical philosophy (his legal and political theory, political and social philosophy, and aesthetics), it is aimed at Hegel’s entire oeuvre.


Therefore, the event welcomes presentations which take up various aspects of Hegel’s understanding of freedom both in his practical and theoretical philosophy. We put important questions up for debate: How is, generally, the relation between freedom and thinking to be understood?


What role does the moment of freedom play in the structure of Hegelian logic? What constitutes the freedom of spirit, which seems to function as the inner motor of the successive forms of consciousness and knowledge inside The Phenomenology of Spirit? Is there freedom in nature – the “Other“ of spirit – or is it only in the sphere of culture and Bildung, as its very own element?


These and the other questions outline the broad fields of the forms of freedom that are revealed in Hegel's complex work.


Topic areas include:


History of Western Philosophy



Philosophy of Action

Philosophy of Language

Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of Social Science


Philosophy of Law

Social and Political Philosophy


Deadline for Submitting articles to the event is January 31, 2020