Iran, Pakistan to cooperate on mending documents ‎

Publish Date : Wednesday 17 July 2019 - 17:26
IBNA- Pakistan's Ambassador to Iran stressed on signing a memorandum of ‎understanding between Iranian, Pakistani national libraries saying her country needs ‎the experience of Iranian experts in mending documents. ‎
Ashraf Boroujerdi and Riffat Masood
According to IBNA correspondent, quoting from the public relations office of Iran's National Library and Archives Organization (NLAO) Pakistan's ambassador to Iran Riffat Masood met director of that entity Ashraf Boroujerdi and visited various departments of NLAO.
Expressing pleasure over the meeting, Masood said: “Iran's National Library and Archives Organization is an impressive place where contains valuable books and documents as I have visited them.”
She stated that in terms of area and number of books, Iran's National Library is richer than Pakistan's National Library.
 “Pakistani people are preoccupied with politics and business and don't pay so much attention to books. We particularly need Iranian expertise in mending documents and books and we hope through holding special workshops you could help us to gain such expertise,” Pakistan ambassador to Iran said.
Elsewhere in her remarks, Masood referred to her experience of visiting the library of Astan-e Qods Razavi in the religious city of Mashhad, which also contains magnificent and precious works.  
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