Rumi’s masterpiece ‘Masnavi’ translated into Kyrgyz ‎

Publish Date : Tuesday 18 December 2018 - 18:40
IBNA- The mayor of Konya in Turkey said ‎‘Masnavi’,‎ the masterpiece of legendary Iranian ‎poet and Sufi mystic Molana Rumi has been rendered into Kyrgyz as the 26th translation ‎of this work.‎
According to IBNA correspondent quoting from ‘Hurriet Daily’, the spiritual book ‘Masnavi’ by Mowlana Jalal ul-Din Balkhi has also been published in countries in Kyrgyz as the 26th translation of this work.
Mayor of Konya, the town of Maulana's burial site Aghwar Ibrahim al-Tayy said: "Our ultimate objective is to translate ‘Masnavi’ into 50 languages of the world, and by now, this great work has been translated and published into 26 languages, the latest is in, is the official language of the Kyrgyz Republic of Kyrgyzstan.”

Measures are underway to complete Portuguese and Turkish Uyghur translations of ‘Masnavi’ will soon be completed and published," he stated.
"The Turkish translation of ‘Masnavi’ has been widely received by the Turkish literary and cultural circles, and Molana urged us to translate his profound reflections for all human beings. Began in 2005, the project, provides an opportunity for Rumi's enthusiasts to read and understand ‘Masnavi’ in their own language."
‘Masnavi’ has already been translated into Turkish, Arabic, English, German, Swedish, Italian, French, Japanese, Albanian, Spanish, Turkmen, Spanish, Urdu, Kazakh, Uzbek, Tajik, Chinese, Greek, Russian, Malay, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Kurdish, Swahili, Bosnian, Dutch and Kyrgyz, and the world is awaiting other translations of this work.
The spiritual Masnavi of Molana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi is one of the most sublime and most enigmatic of Persian literary works after Islam, which consists 6 main chapters and 26,000 couplets. The voluminous work was composed at the request of Hosam al-Din Chalabi, a disciple of Molana, in 662 to 672 AH / 1260 AD.
‘Masnavi’ was selected as one of the top 100 books of human history by the prestigious British Journal ‘The Guardian’.
Molana Rumi was born in a place which is a part of Tajikistan today and was laid to rest in Konya, the capital of Anatolia, which is located in Turkey.
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