Moscow Book Fair unveils Iranian novel

Publish Date : Sunday 9 September 2018 - 22:09
IBNA- During the ceremony of “Iran's Day” which was held yesterday at the 31st Moscow ‎International Book Fair (MIBF), the Russian translation of Iranian novel 'The Three ‎Priests' was unveiled.‎
According to IBNA correspondent, quoting from the public relations office of Iran's Cultural Fairs Institute (ICFI), “Iran's Day” at the 31st Moscow International Book Fair, took place in Iranian stand, with the Director of MIBF Sergey Kaikin, Director of Russian Association of Khayyam Oleg Akulinichev, Iranian writer Majid Qaisari, Director of Sadra Publishing in Moscow Naser Tabaei and several Russian students of Persian language in attendance.
In this ceremony, the Russian translation of the novel, 'The Three Priests' by Majid Qaisari was unveiled. Moreover, Director of Russian Association of Khayyam Oleg Akulinichev proposed the foundation of Khayyam Cultural Society.
At the beginning, Director of Iran's stand at the 31st MIBF Rajab-Ali Salarian welcomed the attendants and described the history of our country's participation and programs of Iran in the Moscow International Book Fair.

Following the meeting, Tabaei, explained about the history of tasks accomplished by this publication institute and continued with giving details about the Russian translation of 'The Three Priests' which received the Urasian Literary Award on Friday.

 Qaisari for his part appreciated the organizers of that program and expressed his opinion about the translation of books from European languages mostly European and American works into Persian.

“At the moment, there are several literary agencies in Iran involved in translating Persian books into other languages and they have made good efforts in this respect. We hope that these efforts will lead to the publication of Iranian books in various languages across the work,” he said.

The 31st Moscow International Book Fair (MIBF) was held on September 5-9 and showcased over 300 titles of Iranian books.

The event is the major book forum in Russia and over the CIS as a way to enter the book market not only of Russia but also abroad to meet the possible readers all over the world.
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