‎‘A Fiction with Quranic Concept’ translated into German, Turkish‎

Publish Date : Sunday 29 July 2018 - 19:35
IBNA- The eight-volume series ‘A Fiction with Quranic Concept’ which was printed last ‎year by Beh Nashr Publishing in Tehran, is translated into Turkish and German.‎
According to IBNA correspondent quoting from the public relations office of Beh Nashr Publishing, Deputy Director of this publication Ahmad Mirzadeh said that the collection has been authored by Claire Jubert, a French writer residing in Iran.
‘Cake on Consignment, ‘Sheloupi’, ‘Soup of Reconciliation’, ‘I See’, ‘The Secret of Papaya’, ‘Adventure of the Red Apple’, ‘What’s Up?’ and ‘Meatball Contest’ are the titles of the books in the series,” he stated.
“Adopted from 8 verses of the Holy Quran, any of these stories focus on a Quranic concept such as lying, gossip, trustworthiness, honesty, peace and reconciliation,” Mirzadeh added.  

On the translation of this collection into Turkish, Deputy Director of Beh Nashr Publishing said: “Director of Nar Publishing in Turkey who visited the 31st Tehran International Book Fair asked for the translation of the series into Turkish.
Then an agreement was signed, the collection was translated and now it's ready to be published. Moreover, the work is going to be translated by Institute into German and published.”

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