New poetry book by Ali Salehi available

Publish Date : Saturday 24 June 2017 - 18:49
IBNA– ‘The Violinist Girl in the Snowy Alleys of November’ is the new poetry book by the celebrated Iranian poet Sayyed Ali Salehi available on the book market.
Sayyed Ali Salehi
According to IBNA correspondent, the collection ‘The Violinist Girl in the Snowy Alleys of November’ is a series of poems by Salehi composed in the past three years.
The last book by this poet was published three years ago. He had announced, long ago, that he would not publish any other work for some time, in support of young poets who do not have the opportunity to publish their poems.
The works of this collection consist of poetry teachings as well as new ideas of its composer on poetry.
Born in Marghab, Khuzestan Province of Iran in 1955, Salehi has published dozens of works over the past four decades. He has been known as a poet since 1980s, and his works have always gained the attention of literary critics.
Other books from this poet are as follows: ‘Yuma-Anada’, ‘The Clairvoyant and the Pawn’, ‘Falling in Love in December, Dying in September’, ‘You’re Late, …’ ‘The Heavenly Ones’, ‘The Last Love Writings of Reyra’, ‘Prayers of a Woman Who Walked Alone on the Way’ and ‘Snow Trails Stretched to the Full Maturity of the Rose’.
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