Ferdowsi’s bust Installed in Helsinki University

Publish Date : Thursday 13 April 2017 - 17:41
On the eve of the 12th commemoration ceremony for legendary Iranian poet and thinker Ferdowsi, coincident with the 100th anniversary celebration of Finland independence, Ferdowsi’s bust was installed at Helsinki University.
According to IBNA correspondent quoting from the public relations office of Ferdowsi Foundation, The unveiling ceremony of Ferdowsi’s bust made by Iranian Maestro Afshin was held in collaboration with the Iranian Embassy in Finland, Ferdowsi Foundation, the Institute of Ferdowsi Tusi in Asian and African studies department of University of Helsinki.
The year 2017 is coincident with the centenary of the Republic of Finland’s establishment and various countries have tried to honor this historic event in solidarity with the Finish people. Iran's representative initiative for this celebration was to present the bust of the Iranian Hakim made by Esfandiari (a member of Ferdowsi Foundation Trustees) to the Finns as a symbol of the ties between the two countries.
It is the fourth bust of Ferdowsi made during the last seven years after the international registration of Shahnameh Millennium in UNESCO in 2010. The three earlier busts have been offered and installed by Ferdowsi Foundation in Tajikistan, Bosnia and China.
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