Conference to be held on Sa`adi and Confucius

Publish Date : Wednesday 13 April 2016 - 23:58
IBNA- A two-day conference on Sa`adi and Confucius will be held at the Cultural Center of the Book City, in the presence of experts on Sa`adi and Confucius.
According to IBNA correspondent, quoting from the Public Relations office of the Cultural Center of the Book City, a two-day conference is to be held on Sa`di and Confucius by the Cultural Center of the Book City, the Center for Sa`adi Studies, Cultural Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran in China, Peking University and Khebi University of China, on Sunday and Monday, April 18 and 19, 2016, at 4:00 p.m.
The conference will be attended by The Iranian and Chinese experts on Sa`adi and Confucius at the Cultural Center of the Book City located on Shahid Beheshti St., Shahid Ahmad Qasir (Bucharest) St., by the Third Alley.
Speakers and papers presented at the conference are as follows: Fat’hollah Mojtabai; ‘Nature and Nurture as viewed by Sa`adi and Confucius’, Dr. Reza Davari Ardakani: ‘Persian poet and Chinese philosopher’, Dr. Zia Movahed; ‘Confucius and Sa`adi: Two moral windows to the world’, Cheng Men Li: ‘Significance of the good ideas of Sa`adi and Confucius’, Bai Guy: ‘From Golestan translation, A look at the phenomenon of cross cultural development between China and Iran’, Shazong Ping; ‘Comparing the thoughts of Sa`adi and Confucius’, Dr. Abolqassem Esmailpour: ‘Comparative study of Confucius Conversations with Sa`adi’s Golestan’, Dr. Mehdi Mojtaba: ‘Human nature as viewed by Confucius and Sa`adi’, Dr. Mohammad Dehqani: ‘Confrontation of Sa`adi and Confucius with the dual issue of politics and ethics’, Dr. Gholamreza Khaki: ‘Confucius and Sa`adi; moral advisors’, and Kourosh Kamali Sarvestani: ‘From Shiraz to Beijing with Sa`adi’.
It is written in the briefing that Iran and China are two ancient countries of Asia with a rich and long history and civilization and longstanding friendship between the two countries dating back more than two thousand years.
Sa`adi and Confucius are two philosopher poets from Iran and China, and the people of both countries are familiar with their works. Their poems show the similarity between their views with regard to human society based on the shared feeling of love for human beings.
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