Publication grows by 12% in the first six months

Publish Date : Thursday 1 October 2015 - 15:23
IBNA- Information department of Iran’s Book House Institute announced the statistics and data on book publishing in the first 6 months of this Iranian year which show a 12% growth in publication.
According to IBNA correspondent quoting the Public Relations Office of the Book House Institute, 33,886 book titles have been released in the first 6 months of this Iranian year which compared with the figures of the first six months of last year- which was 30,288 titles- shows a 12% increase.
However, the circulation of books in the same period, i.e. 62,223,778 book titles, shows a decrease of 1%, and based on the statistics, the highest circulation with 13,065,110 copies belongs to children and adolescents.
With regard to reprinting, book publishing statistics shows that 650 book titles have been published more than once in the first six years of the current year, with the two books ‘Those Twenty Three People’, and ‘I’m Alive: Memoires of the Captivity’, reprinted 20 times and placed on top of the books which were republished.
Books published in the first 6 months of the year are compiled by 19,108 authors of which 15,028 were male and 4,080 female. In the same period, 5,145 translators were working of which 3,570 were male and 1,575 female.
Statistics released in the first 6 months will be presented in a separate report for different provinces.
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