‘Aqa’ed al-Imamiah’ by Allama Muzzafar published in Italian

Publish Date : Friday 6 February 2015 - 16:59
IBNA- Iran’s Cultural Attaché in Rome has translated and published the book ‘Aqa’ed al-Imamiah’ on Shi’ite studies by Allama Mohammad Reza Muzaffar.
According to IBNA correspondent, in line with introducing the School of Ahl al-Bayt [members of the household of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)] in the religious academies of Italy, the significant book ‘Aqa’ed al-Imamiah’ which delves into the Shi’ite ideas was published by Iran’s Cultural Attaché in Italy in cooperation with the Institute for Shi’ite and Catholic Dialogue in the religious city of Qom.
The Italian translation of this book has been published and released by Erfan Publication Institute in Rome following the interest expressed by the Italian universities in Rome, Napoli, Milan, Pavia and Palermo to Shi’ite studies.
‘Aqa’ed al-Imamiah’ is a compilation of lectures delivered by the late Allama Mohammad Reza Muzaffar in the religious academy of Montadi al-Nashr and published by the author, in addition to his preface on the work and the other introduction written by Hamed Hanafi, the Sunni professor of Cairo University in Egypt.
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