IBNA surpasses other media in publishing “sacred defense” news

Publish Date : Thursday 29 January 2015 - 17:09
IBNA- The fiction writer and publisher Amir Hossein Anbardaran said: “Comparing IBNA with other state news agencies shows they are ahead of all. I always think IBNA reports more than expected in the realm of Islamic Revolution and the Sacred Defense literature.”
In an interview with IBNA, the publisher continued: “Anytime I monitor IBNA’s website I feel my presence in the midst of the Islamic Revolution and the “sacred defense”. At the same time, people’s expectations of Iran’s Book News Agency, as the only professional media in this realm, is too high.”
He further added: “I have always noticed that IBNA’s reporters convey the best news and interviews for publication. As a publisher, I am more inclined towards the private sector and am fond of comparing this agency with other private media.”
“What IBNA does to relate the Islamic Revolution with the young generation who were not living at the time of revolution and war is remarkable, and there is more to be done in this respect.” he said.
Anbardaran continued that IBNA is ahead of all state news agencies in comparison, and it is no exaggeration to say it has always fulfilled its duties remarkably. Other media and news agencies mostly deal with politics and economy whereas IBNA, as the only independent organization, is mainly concerned with books and is on top of the list in the realm of Islamic Revolution.
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