What does the West think of “sacred defense” cinema?

Publish Date : Tuesday 27 January 2015 - 16:07
IBNA- ‘Sacred Defense Cinema; Looked upon from the Outside’, subtitled ‘Collection of research articles published abroad’ is published on the subject of the Iranian “sacred defense” Cinema, translated by Mohammad Memarian.
According to IBNA correspondent, these articles are selected and compiled by Mohammad Khazaee, secretary of Resistance International Film Festival, and submitted to the translator.
“How is faith experienced by T.V. viewers and before the cameras?” by Agnes de Victor, “Shooting at Soldiers and Illustrators: Theater of War” by Roxana Varzi, “Language and symbols of War in the Films of Ebrahim Hatami Kia” by Michael Abksys, “Aesthetics, Techniques and Technology of War in Iranian War Stories; a Historical Perspective” written by Reza Poudeh and Bahman Zonouzi are the names of the first four articles of this book.
The title of the book’s four other articles are: “Iranian War Films, Entertainment and Advertising” by Mohammad Reza Ghanoon Parvar, “Theater of War: Art of Reminding Sufferings” by Shoaleh Shahrokhi, “Manifesto of Martyrdom: Similarities and Differences of Avini's Revayat-e Fat'h (Narrations on Victory) with Other Traditional Manifestoes” by Mehrzad Karimabadi’, and “Images of Women in the War Cinema: Problems of Representation of Women in Iranian War Films” by Parshang Sadegh Vaziri.
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