IBNA keeps the light of “sacred defense” bright: author

Publish Date : Tuesday 27 January 2015 - 00:00
Razieh Tojjar, writer and critic, said: “It is a good thing that news agencies like IBNA report on the literature of the Islamic Republic and the “sacred defense” and by so doing keep the revolution alive.”
In an interview with IBNA correspondent, she added: “I can briefly say that compared with other news agencies, IBNA has a closer relation with books and the news concerning cultural and revolutionary values and generally gives a good news coverage on books.”
She went on saying that Iran's Book News Agency tries to shed light on recent books, and while many publications and media have closed down their sections devoted to books, IBNA still covers the news on Revolution and the Holy Defense.
The writer added that the role of media in drawing the attention of the youth to this subject is very significant by making them familiar with the external values of the Revolution as well as the "sacred defense".
She also pointed out that if a website like IBNA well presents a topic on Revolution and the sacred defense, it makes a much greater impact than the other media, and that the role of a good media is quite noticeable in this respect.
Razieh Tojjar is the writer of the books ‘Acacia Lane’, ‘A Lightless lantern’, ‘The Narcissus’, ‘Stone of Patience’, ‘The place with inlaid mirror sky’, ‘Glass Woman’, ‘Strings of Light’. ‘Journey towards the Roots’, ‘Flame and Night’, ‘My Star’, ‘From Earth to Heavens’, ‘Footsteps of Water’, ‘Green Chance’, ‘Blaze in Love’, and ‘Hush! Good Night’.
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