Golzar Ragheb’s ‘Kriskan Evenings’ will soon be published

Publish Date : Monday 26 January 2015 - 23:36
IBNA- Kianoush Golzar Ragheb, writer of the book ‘Kriskan Evenings’ says: “This is one of the most unique books dealing with the memories of the Sacred Defense, as its narrator is someone who was both arrested by SAVAK and Komalah.”
According to IBNA correspondent, quoting from www.hhnews.ir Golzar Ragheb said: “Amir Saeedzadeh, the narrator of the book, is one of the most unique characters serving during the Sacred Defense period as he was not attached to any particular organization and worked independently.”

Golzar Ragheb continues that Saeedzadeh was arrested by SAVAK (National Iranian Intelligence and Security Organization of the second Pahlavi regime which was responsible for arrest and torture of opposition activists, censorship of the press, books and films) before the Iranian Revolution but managed to flee from danger. He became captured by The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) four years following the war but again managed to escape from Komalah (Organization of Revolutionary Toilers of Iranian Kurdistan).
 This period took 15 years from the beginning of the revolution until 1995.
He added: “I have written a narrative in a new style which is told from various viewpoints. Memories of the narrator’s wife are written in a separate chapter as well, and the rest is devoted to the war events in which many people are involved.”
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