Persian ranks 18 in the Wikipedia

Publish Date : Saturday 20 December 2014 - 22:57
IBNA-The 24th scientific conference titled ‘Investigation and Analysis of Persian Wikipedia in the Virtual Space’ was held last Thursday, 18th Dec. 2014, at Hosseiniyeh Ershad in Tehran.
According to IBNA correspondent, a faculty member at Shahed University Sa’eed Asadi, declared that Persian language has ranked 18th among different languages used in the Wikipedia. He continued that the libraries around the world have their own special Wikipedia, in addition to their own site, in which they share information on different topics.
Proper structure of the article, impartiality and reliability of the source
One of the reasons for writing in Wikipedia is lack of articles and brief information in some fields, and the first condition for such writing is the proper structure of the article, impartiality and reliability of the source, Asadi said. He also referred to different Islamic types of Wikipedia and said: ‘In recent years following the success of Wiki-writing, different types of Wikipedia in the fields of Koranic sciences including theology, Islamic and Literary sciences have been written.’
288 modern languages in the Wikipedia
According to Asadi, Wikipedia consists of several thousands of articles written in 288 languages. Persian Wikipedia has 450 editors at present among which only 27 supervise these activities as managers. These managers are in turn elected directly by the users and each has produced an average of 3,000 pages in this Wikipedia. He added, however, that Wikipedia only provides information in different fields and should not be used as a source for research or the news.
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