Culture Minister’s diaries from the “imposed war” reviewed

Publish Date : Wednesday 24 September 2014 - 11:11
IBNA- Memoires of the Iranian Culture Minister Ali Jannati from the days of “sacred defense” have been compiled in a book which portrays the bravery of those who confronted Iraqi army in defense of their land.
Culture Minister’s diaries from the “imposed war” reviewed
According to IBNA correspondent, a major part of the book ‘Diaries of Ali Jannati’ compiled and authored by Sa’eed Fakhrzadeh, describes the times Iraq led by its former dictator Saddam Hussein launched an extensive attack against Iran on September 22, 1980.
At that time Jannati was the governor general of Khuzestan Province which was the first target of Iraqi army. He was personally an active member of the Iranian forces and an eyewitness to the horrors, brutality of the imposed war and the sacrifices Iranians made to resist the enemy.
The war Saddam Hussein imposed on Iran known by the Iranians as “sacred defense” lasted about 8 years. Later, documents provided by the international organizations ascertained that it was Iraq which started a devastating war against Iran.
Part of the diaries refer to the travel Jannati made to the former Soviet Union accompanying Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani, then the deputy chief commander of the Iranian military forces (only after the late Imam Khomeini). At that time, the former Soviet Union was playing a significant role in the Iraq-Iran War providing weaponry aides to Saddam Hussein’s government, but was reluctant to sell weapons to Iran, calling it a political decision.
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