Calls for Internationalization of Islamic Revolution Fiction Festival

Publish Date : Sunday 16 February 2014 - 18:40
Number of works written about Iran’s Revolution have boosted in other countries like Pakistan which has indeed made the Iranian officials to think about expanding the Islamic Revolution Fiction Festival over borders.
Calls for Internationalization of Islamic Revolution Fiction Festival
IBNA: Addressing a press conference on Saturday,  Alireza Ghazveh, an official of Iran\'s Art Bureau, has said that the number of Pakistani poets and writers who happen to release works about the Islamic Revolution and Imam Khomeini have increased.

He also said that a special section considering the works produced by foreign poets and writers will be established in the festival in its future editions.

Ghazveh said that the festival will be held in a bid to introduce the great works published about the Islamic Revolution and Imam Khomeini, and added that introduction of the works to the public is the first priority of the festival which has been considered in its previous 5 editions.

He asserted that the Revolution literature is the showcase of revolutionary arts and Iran’s Islamic Revolution has presented the world a new cinema and a new literary genre. 

The poet further underlined the release of works by European and Asian writers who are now recognizing the significance of the genre. For instance, an Indian student has allocated his PhD thesis to the works of Reza Amirkhani, a contemporary Iranian novelist.

Regarding the translation of Sacred Defense works into other languages, he added that \'Da\' has been translated and published in Pakistan, not to mention many other works in the same field which are being published and translated into other languages of the world. 

He underscored that the Isalmic Revolution Literary Festival should step forward to reach out beyond borders. 

Ghazveh said he recently met over 70 Pakistani poets and writers who have created at least a work about Imam Khomeini. "The future editions of the festival should be concerned about providing the grounds for Persian speaking poets of the region to voice their emotions and feelings about the Islamic Revolution," he added.
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