Inventory of Foreign Docs to be Added to Islamic Revolution Database

Publish Date : Tuesday 4 February 2014 - 13:37
A rich glossary of foreign references and documents about the Islamic Revolution are to be added to the information center of the revolution at
Inventory of Foreign Docs to be Added to Islamic Revolution Database
IBNA: A website ( has recently been launched in Iran as the information center of the Islamic Revolution which entails the latest updates and revolution-related developments in and outside of Iran.

The website’s major focus is on the Islamic Revolution, influential figures, the history of the movement and key events that led to its happening.

The public and the laymen without any previous knowledge about the history and nature of the Islamic Revolution are addressed by the website and can obtain detailed information about the whole event. However, it also serves as a research center for the interested researchers who may need to log on and access their desired items and references. Storywriters, vigorous artists and authors may also find the website’s content useful for their writings.

The web center is run by the Islamic Revolution Literature Bureau of the Howzeh Honari and has mustered almost 2 decades of works on various aspects of the revolution.

The history of the Islamic Revolution is one of the major sections of the center which contains over 200,000 snippets from Persian, Arabic, English and French books and journals.

Furthermore, the references section of the website includes 2000 book titles, figures, places and journals with all their specific data needed for tracing them.

As many as 6,000 pictures are placed in the visual section. The images show contemporary historical events, figures and activities. The biographies of some of the key personages of the revolution are also added to the contents of the website.

A collection of foreign references and documents about the revolution will presently be added to the website as well.
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