Iran to Release Encyclopedia of Imam Khomeini, Islamic Revolution

Publish Date : Monday 3 February 2014 - 14:21
Iranian Abed Publications is about to release two new encyclopedias on Imam Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution.
Iran to Release Encyclopedia of Imam Khomeini, Islamic Revolution
IBNA: According to the Islamic Revolution Information Center, the two references are being prepared for publication in the Iranian book market.

Imam Khomeini’s life and personal characters as well has his political, religious and social lives are shed light upon in the encyclopedia.

His campaigns, education and childhood are also reflected upon in various entries of the work. 

Furthermore, the history of the Islamic Revolution, the influential figures in the Islamic Revolution, major historical events that led to the revolution as well as other dimension of the 20th century’s greatest event are considered in another encyclopedia on the Islamic Revolution which is about to be released by Abed Publications.

Biographies, works, personal features, contacts with the founder of the Revolution Imam Khomeini, and the social, cultural and political activities of many of the figures are also introduced in the work.

The two works will most probably be displayed at the upcoming edition of Tehran International Book Fair.

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