Prof. Ameli Wins Notghi PR Award

Publish Date : Saturday 28 December 2013 - 14:18
Prof. Ameli will take home the International Dr. Hamid Notghi Award.
Prof. Ameli Wins Notghi PR Award

IBNA: Speaking with IBNA, secretary general of the 10th International Conference on Public Relations said Dr. Ameli has been recognized as the most prolific academic writer from Tehran University who has so far penned 15 articles in English and presented over 50 papers in international conferences.

In 2011 he won the Book of the Season Award for his work entitled as ‘Critical Review of Virtual Colonialism by the US’. He has so far written numerous works about public relations and the related subjects.

Currently he serves as member of the scientific board of Tehran University and conducts courses on communications, social sciences and US studies. He also presides over the Scientific Association of World Studies.

Ameli has also penned 18 books in Persian on communications and public relations.

Dr. Hamid Notghi was the founder of public relations in Iran. An award was established in his memory in 2004 in national and international levels.

The 10th International Conference on Public Relations in Iran will be held for two days beginning at the international community hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on January 13.

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