New Software Reviews 82 Assassinated Figures in Iran

Publish Date : Monday 9 December 2013 - 16:18
‘The Terror Victims’ is a new software program which provides details and documents about figures assassinated by terrorist groups in Iran after the victory of the Islamic Revolution. Besides, the program reviews 82 book titles about the martyrs.
New Software Reviews 82 Assassinated Figures in Iran
IBNA: Shahed Electronic Publications has released the program in the Iranian market as a database on assassinated martyrs in the Islamic establishment of Iran.

The program also covers 950 document pieces as well as pictures of the martyrs, and introduces 3,650 figures through 764 minutes of audio and visual files.

The US War against Terrorism, Life and Campaigns of Ayatollah Ghazi Tabatabaei, Terrorism, an Introduction to Research on Terrorism, the 3-trillion-dollar War, and Obama’s Wars are the titles of some of the works reviewed by the software.

The program also entails cultural works, articles, essays, chronicles, biographies and memories of or about the martyrs.
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